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Английский - Индонезийский - crystalline. a. kristal: yg terjadi dr kristal, kristal: seperti kristal.

Internal Nebula. Сокровенная Туманность. (Crystalline). (Кристаллическая). Rocks growing slowmo. Камни растут, как в замедленной съемке. (Crystalline).

The ground was encrusted with sulphur and crystalline concretions. In Search of the Castaways Jules Verne. Sulphur is known in two general forms, crystalline and amorphous.

a crystalline sheet of ice covered the pond — пруд был покрыт прозрачной коркой льда her prose is simple, crystalline and concise — язык её прозы прост, прозрачен и ёмок.

crystalline lens anat. хрусталик (глаза). * * * 1 (a) кристаллический; кристаллической структуры; прозрачный; хрустальный; ясный и прозрачный как хрусталь.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? "The approximate length of Early Access will grow as new chapters are added to Crystalline.

Crystalline: A Sigh Becomes a Thousand Trees, Canon D dur, Tenacious и другие песни. Вся дискография, Радио, Концерты, рекомендации и похожие исполнители.

Define crystalline. crystalline synonyms, crystalline pronunciation, crystalline translation, English dictionary definition of crystalline. adj.

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"Crystalline" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Crystallin, a protein. For the song by Björk, see Crystalline (song). Look up crystallinity or crystalline in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Directed by Michel Gondry. Written by Björk. Producers: Raffi Adlan and Joel Kretschman Animation Director: Peter Sluszka 2011. Biophilia out September 27th...
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